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Judy Bloom, MPA., Executive Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

As the founder and lead coach for ThinkWell, Judy is passionate about creating pivotal breakthroughs in the work and personal lives of business owners and corporate executives. Her clients have produced results in areas such as Growth and Development, Financial Freedom, Effectiveness and Productivity, Life Balance, Relationship, Health and Well-Being.  Judy also works with teams, giving companies access to extraordinary results in Employee Productivity, Satisfaction and Performance that powerfully impact the bottom line. Judy coaches clients to engage the possibility beyond what is comfortable or predictable.


Judy comes to coaching with experience in the management of innovative medical research, hospitals and health care and a variety of entrepreneurial ventures from product development, manufacturing and consulting. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Administration. Judy also has deep expertise in developing young adults and supporting them in their future. A long-time advocate for society’s most vulnerable, Judy has served on several not-for-profit boards, including Northwest Children’s Fund in Seattle, whose mission is to end the cycle of abuse and neglect of children in the Puget Sound Region. Judy has two children pursuing their own careers and lives in Seattle with her husband and dog. Contact Judy

Dianne Dickerson, Powerful Shifts

Dianne’s extensive and varied career has focused on helping organizations and the people in them to be more effective at achieving their aims. Most of her efforts have centered on Lean implementations with an emphasis on collaboration and communication. Most recently she has added support of self-managing teams to her practice. Throughout her career she has enjoyed coaching teams and individuals to be empowered, address the issues that impede progress and live up to their promise. Knowing that everything is connected, her work is multi-dimensional, at various times focusing on the system, organization or individual level to achieve the desired results. A partial client list includes Seattle Children’s Hospital, Memorial Care, Franciscan Health system, Boeing, Microsoft and the Nature Conservancy.

Elizabeth Fowler, MD

Elizabeth Fowler is a board certified internist with 25 years experience in clinical practice. In that capacity, she further served as a clinic chief, regional quality and team development trainer at Group Health Cooperative. She is a certified life coach in the internationally recognized Falling Awake Program. As a life coach, leadership and communication consultant, Elizabeth has supported physicians, healthcare workers, and business leaders to achieve greater connection, deeper insight, and richer personal health for themselves and for those they serve. In her role as a board member for the international nonprofit One to One Women Coaching Women, she recruited, trained and mentored coaches and coached several high potential, low income clients. Elizabeth also served as faculty in the Lorian Assocation Masters-level spiritual formation and spiritual direction training programs. In her capacity as a spiritual director, she has seen the depth of impact of spiritual life on health and productivity. Dr. Fowler has extensive additional training in psychoneurobiology, somatic psychology, and trauma resolution.

Distributed Energy Management

Energy is invisible. Until you pay the bills. Take total control of your costs. Distributed Energy Management was started to help transform end-user energy management discussions from kWh and BTUs to practical metrics that are meaningful to business owners. Energy is central to our businesses and our livelihood and we decided it was too important to be left to experts who were more concerned with measuring energy than how we, and our clients, actually used it to create value. Our Utility Reinvestment Account service consolidates all utilities for clients into a single, financially independent, support directorate that simplifies operations at the nexus of energy, information, and finance.


          Our approach has been holistic and interdisciplinary from the start. Our company is focused on helping you interact with energy based on the services and utility it helps provide for your business. We're in it for the long-haul. We hope to work with you. We're happy to discuss how we can shift your wasted utility dollars into useful business improvements.

Deborah Read, ErgoFit Consulting, Founder, MOTR/L

Deborah founded ErgoFit Consulting in 2001 and is known around the country as ErgoGirl!. After working with troubled youth and pregnant drug addicts for 10 years, she obtained her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Puget Sound. Ms. Read has over three years’ experience in Industrial Rehab, over 350 hours of safety and ergonomics training, and over 24 years of being a fitness trainer.


Deborah helped develop a national injury prevention training program for firefighters and paramedics which was released in 2005. She created three office ergonomics Web TV shows for Whitney & Wyatt, has been featured on CBS radio, and has been interviewed and quoted by Better Homes & Gardens, EWeek, ivillage, The Ergonomics Report, Ergonomics Today, and more. ErgoFit Consulting has a dynamic team of 7, stomping out workplace injuries and improving productivity across industrial, laboratory, construction, office, and fire and emergency service organizations.

Martin Rose, Rose Environmental, Founder, MS, BS, CIH

Martin Rose is principal and founder of Rose Environmental. He has over 20 years of regional experience in environmental health and safety, and has provided indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and industrial hygiene consultation to clients nationwide. As a long time consultant to commercial, governmental, and institutional clients, he manages a broad range of high visibility projects covering indoor environmental quality and industrial hygiene. Mr. Rose often provides expert witness testimony and critical review of third party work. He often serves as a liaison to the public, regulators, and the media, and gives technical presentations to a wide variety of national and local organizations, such as the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and the American Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP).


Sonya Bailey, Sonya Bailey Fit

Sonya Bailey is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Weight Loss Specialist, and has experience in personal wellness coaching. Her passion lies in empowering and encouraging individuals to be the best that they can be through fitness and wellness. Sonya’s expertise and fulfillment also comes from helping clients develop mind body awareness and witnessing the process her clients experience as they experience challenging, efficient workouts and feel motivated! Sonya’s personalized fitness programs are not only fun and creative, but they ultimately allow clients to feel healthy and strong throughout their daily life.

            Sonya has experience designing fitness routines in gyms, corporate or school settings, for private clients in their own homes, and even at Golden Gardens Park! Her intention is to provide a well-balanced, varied class blending different components of fitness, focusing on functional training and strengthening the core. Sonya’s style is primarily a combination of functional and core based training, some Pilates and yoga movements, cardio and agility. It is designed to improve alignment, stability, flexibility, core, and strength. Sonya’s loyal clients enjoy her classes for her upbeat energy, personal attention, and ability to skillfully provide modifications for every participant. For more information, visit

Steve Motenko, Personal Development & Leadership Coach

Steve is a Harvard-educated leadership development consultant and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Steve is co-author of Land on Your Feet, Not on Your Face: A Guide to Building Your Leadership Platform – a comprehensive primer for emerging as well as established leaders. He’s also co-creator and co-host of The Boss Show, a weekly Seattle radio show and podcast “for anyone who is or has a boss,” and Director of Program Development for Path Forward Leadership Development Services. Highlights of his past work include training managers at Boeing and Microsoft in leadership qualities and skills, and being lead external trainer for the nonprofit Center for Ethical Leadership. Steve works with clients on topics as diverse as leadership skills, career advancement, communication skills, work/life balance, and stress reduction.

The Walker Group NW, Lori Walker, Founder, MA, IIDA

For over 30 years in architecture and design, Lori Walker has performed a diverse range of roles such as design, project management, workplace strategy, client advocate and change management advisor. Much of her focus over the past 10 years has been spent engaging with client systems to help them define their future direction, drivers of change, desired behaviors and organizational goals to assist the project team to develop strategies that align the physical environment to support those organizational goals. In order to be a better advisor to her clients, she obtained her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership so that she can help her client systems renew themselves and manage change during the architectural design process.

         In 2014, Lori founded The Walker Group NW. Her focus is to work with organizations at the early stages of a space project to define together the ingredients for a more productive work environment that is aligned with the organization’s goals. She applies her creativity, leadership and group facilitation skills with systems thinking and design thinking to help groups define their desired future state and assists in the change management process to realize those objectives.

Kevin Wilhelm, Sustainability for Business, Founder and CEO

At Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC), we’re not big fans of a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on customized, action-oriented and practical solutions that will help you achieve your sustainability goals. We develop strategies that reflect your company culture and implementation plans that will integrate sustainability into everything you do.,

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