Whole Ecosystem Health Assessment

“Health” is all of life… for You and Your Business


At Triskele Collaborative we believe that where people flourish, businesses prosper. We also believe the key to creating a working environment where your people will thrive is to understand the complete system in which they work. Triskele Collaborative partners with forward-thinking businesses to help them understand and create a unique Whole Ecosystem Health program meets your needs and helps you to speak your truth.


Triskele Collaborative works on the understanding that “health” underpins all outcomes. The health of your employees fundamentally impacts the organizational ability to achieve its mission, and the health of the organization fundamentally determines employees’ ability to optimally perform in work and life. A systems approach that proactively understands health in the full context of its complexity is the most powerful way to achieve outstanding outcomes and resolution of challenging problems, delivering optimal health on all levels.


Our first step in this collaborative process is the “Whole Ecosystem Health Assessment”, a proprietary tool we use to measure  individual and group health culture, presenteeism, and engagement in a business. Components of our in-depth assessment may include:


  • Workday socio-cultural factor survey
  • Time and motion studies of specific areas of function
  • Process improvement analysis
  • Face to face interviews with a selection of employees at all levels
  • Management interviews and evaluation
  • Health benefit package review and optimization



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