Individual Coaching

Coaching is all about bringing out YOUR wisdom.  When you are ready to improve your health and well being, at work or just in general, Kim will be your best cheerleader to help you find your path forward.  The core principle of coaching is that people inherently know what is best and right for them, but they can’t always get a hold of that knowing.  Coaching helps you find it and then create an action plan to get there.


Organizational Coaching

Like individuals, organizations need to find their path forward based on their inherent, internal knowledge of, and within, the people who work there.  Evolving from a Machine Model work system to a Living Ecosystem requires plenty of soul searching and finding new insights.  People are the experts on themselves and the work they do, so they are perfectly positioned to lead the way.  But also like individuals, organizations don’t always have the means of accessing their own insights.  If you want to evolve to be a Living Ecosystem, Kim will work with leaders at all levels and teams of every description, to help them know their own minds, hearts and direction.  She will then support them to create an action plan to get the outcomes they’re looking for and know they can achieve.


Outside experts can be helpful in bringing specific information, ideas and structures.  But to impose those on people, to require adoption, is often a losing endeavor.   It is very common for people to resist, side step or simply pay lip service to such imposed expertise. 


Kim has found that it works much better to take the new material and coach people in discovering how they can learn from it, mold it to their circumstances and make it their own.  That results in fully embraced and sustainable change.


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