Why Now, Why Triskele?

First of all, what does "Triskele" mean?


We get asked this question a lot, so here’s a short rundown of why we chose the name "Triskele":


“Triskele” is a very old word from Greek origins. As a symbol, it can be found in many forms in many cultures around the world: Greece, Ireland, Japan, Korea, India and many more. As a triad, it can represent body, mind, spirit, which is important to our view of individual and ecosystem health – all encompassing.  All triskeles are symbols of motion, and as such, represent rapid change and evolution, which is also important to Triskele Collaborative. We consider ourselves agents of change, bringing needed change to population health and wellbeing and at a rate not possilble within our current systems.


Finally, the triskele is a symbol of forward movement in the desire to reach understanding. We believe that "health" is all of life, vitality working in seamless, interdependent systems that cannot be divided.


Why Is Triskele Collaborative Important to us?


"I want to create a culture of caring, insight, collaboration, non-negotiable mutual trust and respect, transparency and commitment to the highest good for all...There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and Triskele's time has come!" -Kim Adams, CEO and Visionary Founder


"Working in health care for many years, I was always struck by the way people who commit themselves to health are not supported in creating well being for themselves or their patients. I thought the goal was to support people in prevention, healing, and overall wellness. Instead, I saw sub-par treatment of patients as a result of exhausted and overtaxed health care workers... My belief is that there is a way to create well being from the inside out individually and organizationally, and I am committed to being a part of that shift."  -Judy Bloom, MPA, Catalyst Coach


"My belief that there is a better way to create an environment of inclusion and engagement that has not been widely implemented or discussed amongst traditional organizations. I want to be part of the solution for companies that search for innovative organizational structures to move whole ecosystems model."   -Greg Green, Business Development Consultant


"I have worked in Health Care Systems for 40 years and I see clearly that the disease model of health care is not moving us forward. Until we jump into health and wellbeing we will not have sustainable change... I want to be a part of that change."  -Patti Wolfrom, RN, EAMP, Catalyst Coach


"I want to be a part of creating a working world where people leave energized at the end of the day rather than thwarted, frustrated or used up." -Dianne Dickerson, Living Systems Consultant


"This work leaves me feeling alive and that I'm being used in the service of something greater. Coaching in an integrative model allows everyone to benefit from being able to expand their understanding of dynamic systems and the role they play; clients' perspectives about their business and personal health are taken to a whole new level. I love being able to witness this as clients grow more and more connected to their professional purpose, integrity, and values." -Mary Margaret Thomas, RN, MSN, Catalyst Coach


"I hope that Triskele can one day unlock a future metric that businesses can actually rely on and account for that illustrates the true value of lives being spent in the employ of their corporations." -Chris Free, Healthcare Finance Consultant

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