Current Business Health Realities

The majority of employees and work systems reside in the middle of the workday wellness spectrum, somewhere between robust health and incapacitating illness.  Work systems can be "sick", just like people.  If the systems are not healthy, the people in them will suffer and be less effective as employees.

This is where the majority of absenteeism, disengagement, illness at work, under- functioning teams, conflict, disengaged management, sub-optimal work environments and sub-optimal social health occurs. The average cost to US businesses for this type of sub-optimal work performance is $300 billion annually.

Current business health care benefits largely focus on the sickness edge of the wellness spectrum. In the wider population, there is little understanding of what it takes to move employees in the middle of the spectrum toward the optimal end of the spectrum where whole health and full work / life engagement exist.


Current organizational development practices largely focus on sickness of workday functionality and often end up as reactionary (putting out fires from leadership breakdown, conflict, inefficiencies, etc).


This middle part of the spectrum is the key opportunity for focus of health and productivity improvement measures in an organization. This is where ROI is generated.

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