Achieving Whole Health

Whole person health is achieved when one experiences:

  • Happiness and/or positive emotional health
  • Personal job satisfaction
  • Meaningful connection with people (family, social groups), environment and values / purpose / faith
  • Opportunity for personal expression and/or fulfillment
  • Opportunity to learn and grow
  • An optimized physical state
  • A sense of work / life balance


Whole ecosystem health is achieved when a business culture fosters:

  • Trust, first and foremost
  • Strong mutually supportive relationships between employees, and at all levels
  • Leadership that develops the talents and abilities of all employees;  power with, not power over
  • Information sharing and transparency
  • Both engagement and peak performance arising from intrinsic motivation of all employees
  • Fair and equitable business practices (e.g., policies and procedures for hiring, exiting, promotion, bonuses, engagement, performance improvement, benefits, etc.)
  • Zero tolerance of abuse, bullying, harassment, showing up at work when ill, and cultural norms that undermine well-being
  • Internal programs that actively promote the intellectual, emotional, social and physical health of employees such as:
    • Strong skills in communication and conflict resolution
    • Practices that address stress and over-commitment
    • Support for health promotion in diet, exercise, ergonomics, toxin-free work environment and overall well-being.
    • Health insurance and benefits optimized to support whole health, not just treatment of illness; prevention and proactive health maintenance is funded
    • Business responsibility for environmental footprint.



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