Mission & Values

Triskele Collaborative educates and supports people to understand, design and create their own definition of whole ecosystem health inside their workplace.

Triskele Collaborative began with "why."

Gallup polls show that 70% of Americans are disengaged at work and costing businesses over $350 billion in lost productivity per year, not to mention the toll it takes on employee health and well-being.  These numbers demonstrate the overwhelming prevalence of a machine model of workplace structure that numbs people while inhibiting innovation, creativity and adaptability.


Triskele supports people to evolve their own Thriving Ecosystem by building insight that people then take forward to re-design their infrastructure and systems in order to generate efficiency and vitality for employees and outcomes. 


“We derive the greatest value not by seeking to build a better case for ourselves. Instead, we do so by understanding better what we value most — meaning, what we stand for most deeply and who we really want to be. Then we use that conviction and those skills in the service of others.”

–Tony Schwartz, The Energy Project

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