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Triskele Collaborative empowers well-being at work through consulting, coaching, & educational services designed to engage people, drive excellence, and evolve your business – for people and for profit.


Catalyze your company from the inside out.

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Where does it hurt?


The pain a business experiences shows up in different ways. More sick days. More absenteeism. Project delays. High turnover. Manager-team conflicts. Lagging sales. Lack of innovation.


At Triskele Collaborative we believe that where people flourish, businesses prosper. Our first step is to meet you where you are and to listen to what is going on. We partner to design approaches and strategies that relieve your pain and put you on the path toward proactive growth.


We know that the key to creating a working environment where your people will thrive is to understand the complete system in which they work. We can evaluate your entire value chain through our exclusive Whole Ecosystem Health Assessment to get clarity on what contributes to – or interfere with -- the health and well-being of your employees and your business.

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If you succeed in your business goals, will you burn out your leaders?


Are your training, workshops, and quality improvement plans having a diminishing impact? Let us help.


The smartest goal of a business should be that it is organized in such a way that it nurtures the talent and potential of each individual employee, as in doing so, it becomes constantly flexible to potential threats and opportunities amidst an increasingly chaotic world. By supporting human flourishing, your business will evolve past the machine model and into a thriving, living system.


By investing in people and relationships, you can improve excellence in process and quality throughout your company and maximize your ROI. Through our customized coaching and consulting services you invest and instill well-being into relationships throughout the values chain. Find out more.


At the core of Triskele Collaborative is a desire to help businesses evolve. To shift from the “Predict and Control” machine model hierarchy to the “Sense and Respond” mechanisms inherent in living systems. This means we funnel your unique situation and priorities into our project design, to co-create a well-being structure and function that fits your one-of-a-kind organization. This is the future of business.


When you understand the Whole Ecosystem of Health of your company –


When you use our IOR strategies ("Invest in Relationship to maximize Return on Investment") to cultivate well-being, value, and purpose in partnership with your employees –


When you go deeper to change your company’s DNA  –


You will shift the foundation of your business and evolve into flourishing.

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                      Business Management for Living Systems

Triskele Collaborative evolves workplaces beyond the old Machine Model design to be responsive, thriving organizations. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, our models of predicting will grow increasingly obsolete. Living System Management is the key to adapating and thriving in the face of this rapid change.


Is your workday built for machines or is it a living system built for people? Asking these questions will get you started:

Living System Design

  • Are your people thriving, healthy, engaged?


  • Are your people talking about what really matters?


  • Are you holding onto your best people?


  • Are you overflowing with creative ideas?


  • Are healthcare costs going down?


  • Are you leading in industry innovation?


  • Do your employees know they come first?


  • Are your people purpose driven?


  • Does integrity reign?


Machine Metaphor Structure

  • Are your people stressed, anxious, burnt out?


  • Are they ducking and diving, caught in internal politics?


  • Is turnover like a leaky sieve?


  • Do people feel like half-dead Zombies?


  • Are sales lagging?


  • Do setbacks put everyone in reactionary mode?


  • Do profits come first?


  • Are people primarily task driven?


  • Do financial incentives dominate?


The machine model workday has been prevalent since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and most businesses still function this way despite rapid evolution in technology and in our world.


For organizations ready to transform their machine model legacy into a living system design- or those seeking to maximize whole ecosystem health in your business, Triskele Collaborative has the methodology and insight you need. We'll help you create a work environment that supports thriving for all, to the benefit of people, profit, and planet. Contact us today.

Listen to Triskele founder Kim Adams discuss Living Systems on The Boss Show!
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